一、阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。   (一)   Cantonese opera is one of the major types of Chinese ope
一、阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。   (一)   Cantonese opera is one of the major types of Chinese opera. 中国论文网 https://www.xzbu.com/9/view-13044150.htm  1 (combine) Mandarin operatic traditions and the Cantonese dialect, it takes root in the Cantonese-speaking Guangdong and Guangxi 2 (area) in southern China. This theatrical form has enjoyed great 3 (popular) throughout China, and provides 4 cultural bond among Cantonese speakers in the country and abroad.
  Cantonese opera 5 (share) many common characteristics with other Chinese theatrical types. It is characterized by a combination of string and percussion instruments (打击乐器), with costumes and face painting.
  6 actors are singing and moving around on stage, they also have 7 (act). The art of acting during a Cantonese opera performance is not the same as acting in movies 8 on TV. Many emotions have specific facial expressions and body gestures 9 must be performed.
  Many Cantonese operas advocates the importance of being loyal to one’s country, filial (孝顺的) to one’s parents, and kind to one’s friends. The art form has developed a rich range of stories from historical epics (叙事诗) to more realistic descriptions of daily life. The culture and philosophy of the Chinese people
  10 (reflect) in the plays too. So, Cantonese opera not only entertains, but also plays a significant part in cultivating (培�B) good values.
  One summer day during the Han Dynasty, county magistrate (县令) Ying Bin treated his secretary Du Xuan with wine. On the north wall of the room hung a red bow. It 1 (reflect) in Du Xuan’s cup. Taking the reflection for a snake, Du Xuan was very frightened but he dared not turn down Ying Bin’s offer 2 he was his superior (上司). He swallowed the wine with his eyes
  3 (close).
  That night, he felt so 4 (pain) that he fell ill. Ying Bin was told he drank the wine with a snake in his cup the other day. Feeling strange, he returned home. Suddenly the bow on the north wall caught 5 (he) eye. He immediately sent his man to fetch Du Xuan. He seated him 6 he sat before and offered him a cup of wine.
  Du Xuan saw the snake-like shadow again. Before Du was scared out of his wits(智慧) again, Ying Bin said, 7 (point) at the shadow, “The‘snake’ in the cup is nothing but 8 reflection of the bow on the north wall!” At the 9 (word), Du Xuan felt easier. His illness disappeared!
  We use the idiom ― mistaking the reflection of a bow in the cup 10 a snake to describe someone who is very suspicious (多疑的).   (三)
  There is a long tradition of Asian carp(鲤鱼) in Chinese culture and literature.
  At the Yellow River at Henan is 1 waterfall called the Dragon Gate. It is said that if certain carp called Yulong can climb the large waterfall, they will transform 2 dragons. Every year in spring they swim up from the sea and gather in the pool at the foot of the falls. It used to be said that only seventy one could make the climb in any year. When the first succeeded, the rain 3 (begin) to fall. This Dragon Gate is said to have been created after the Flood by the god-emperor Yu who split (分开) a mountain 4 (block) the path of the Yellow River. It was so famous 5 throughout China there was a common saying: a student facing his examinations is like a carp attempting to leap the Dragon Gate.
  This idiom is used to encourage students or children 6 (achieve) success through hard work and perseverance (毅力). In Chinese paintings, usually the fish 7 (color) in gold or pink. Yuquan, one of the well-known scenic 8 (spot) in Hangzhou, has a big fish pond 9 has been alive with hundreds of carp of 10 (vary) colors.
  Today, we have entered a new era (年代), the computer age. It is an age 1 owes everything to inventors.
  Charles Babbage, 2 English mathematician, 3 (consider) to be the great-grandfather of the computer. Over 150 years ago, to be exact, he invented a sophisticated(�驮拥模�
  4 (calculate) machine. After another 100 years passed, the first computers were built and 5 were huge and very heavy. Today, computers are at the center of thousands upon thousands of other inventions. They are everywhere - from kitchens to 6 (factory), from planes to toys. They listen. They speak. They act. No other invention has had such great influence 7 humans as a whole. Without the computer, the world would be different. The Internet, in particular, 8 (create) a brand new environment. A new culture has been born - free, rapid and 9 (universe) where people share their knowledge and 10 (inform), communication techniques have been turned upside down, distance has been shortened and frontiers have been abolished.
  (以上4篇原创作者:广东广雅中学 何红梅)
  In 2014, the Beijing municipal (市的) government launched(发起) a project which aims 1 (introduce) arts education into the capital’s primary schools. The National Center for the Performing Arts 2 (be) among the first of 28 organizations to participate in the project.
  “Many children are learning musical 3 (instrument) like the piano and violin in China. Besides the chance to learn music, we also let them act, paint, read and write poetry, too, all of 4 give them a new language,” says Wang, director of the NCPA’s art education department.   Li, 5 11-year-old student, has been coming to the art classes 6 (offer) by the artists once a month and also watches shows every month. He 7 (become) a member of the student drama troupe since he was 7 years old and made his first performance last year. “asked my best friend to come with me in the beginning 8 I wasn’t brave enough to speak in front of so many people,” says Li. “Now I am much more confident performing onstage.”
  A conductor with the Chorus says: “Art programs teach students to have better links 9 the knowledge they learn from textbooks and the actual experience of performing onstage. And students will have more chances to get closer to the 10 (tradition) Chinese arts.”
  (广东省中山市濠头中学 边慧琼)
  In Australia because the weather is usually warm, cooking and eating barbeques, known as BBQ for short, is very popular.
  Most barbeques use gas in bottles for heating, 1 some use coal or special barbeque coals as the heat. The coals can
  2 (buy) from the local supermarkets and the local petrol stations have gas bottles where you can exchange your empty one for a full one. The men cooking the meat 3 (usual) have long tongs to turn the meat. This means their hands don’t have to get too close to the hot cooking surface. Most homes have
  4 outdoor area set up with table and chairs for 5 (eat).
  BBQ’s are popular for many reasons. Firstly, it is outdoor eating, so it is usually 6 (cool) in the summer. 7 is easy and quick to cook on a BBQ. In Australia, it is part of our culture that the men cook on the BBQ, where indoor cooking is done mostly 8 the women. BBQ’s are also a relaxing and informal way 9 (entertain) guests. Having children at a BBQ is fine. They can play outdoors within sight of their 10 (parent). Often we will use paper or plastic plates, so it makes for easy cleaning up afterwards.
  The Gold Coast is the name of the city where I live. In the past it used to be a beach 1 people would come for summer holidays.
  The 1950’s were years of advancement on the coast. High rise buildings 2 (appear) and many more people started coming for holidays. The canal estates (房地�a) were started, and now in 3 21st Century there are large areas of the city built this way with some beautiful homes 4 many having pontoons (浮舟) 5 (keep) their boats by their homes, a bit like having a car in the garage.
  Today more than half a million people live here. Tourism is the main source of income for the Gold Coast. Although most Australian 6 (city) have high rise buildings 7 their city centres, the housing is usually separate one level homes. But on the Gold Coast, there are many high rise hotels.   8 (compare) to many places in the world, we enjoy a high standard of living here. Most people have nice homes. Some of the homes here are quite 9 (expense), built by The city of Gold Coast is less than an hour south of Brisbane. Many people come here to live when 10 retire, to enjoy the lovely weather and the beaches.
  In many countries of the world people do what is called house sitting. It means that 1 you are going away, you want someone to come into 2 (you)own home and look after the house and maybe pets while you are away.
  House sitters might have to care 3 pets. Also, quite a few people have swimming pools in their back yards and they need 4 (clean). If you leave a swimming pool for very long, the water can get very dirty.
  5 (general), it does not cost anything to go house sitting. There are websites where you find the advertisements by people who want to travel, and by replying to the advertisement, you can make 6 (arrange) to go and look after their home.
  There are some requirements to be a house sitter. You must be a 7 (trust) person, so that the home owner 8 (know) you will not steal anything. You must be able to go when the house owner wants you, so you need lots of free time. You must have a good car, so you can travel to different parts of 9 country. You need to be good with pets, able to care for cats and dogs, or 10 pets they may have.
  (以上3篇原��作者:广东省新会梁启超纪念中学 唐金妹)
  Chinese engineers have completed an impressive mountain overpass(跨线桥) branded as the highest bridge in the world. The huge Beipanjiang Bridge, 1 is built at over 1,850 feet high, links two of China most remote provinces, Yunnan and Guizhou, according to People’s Daily Online. 2 (name) after the Beipan River, the waterway it crosses, the unbelievable structure has a 720-metre-wide span(跨度) and is a part of the Hangrui Highway, a 3,405-kilometre-long national motorway
  3 (link) Hangzhou city in southern China with Ruili city on the China-Myanmar border. The 4 (new) finished project is not to be confused with another Beipanjiang Bridge on Guanxing Highway, which stands at 363 metres high and opened in 2003. The completion of the 5 (ambition) project means that eight of the world’s 10 highest completed 6 (bridge) are now in China ― almost all are set in remote mountainous provinces.
  7 Beipanjiang Bridge, Chinese engineers are also building what’s set to be the world’s second 8 (high) bridge, Jinshajiang Bridge. The great traffic link stands at an impressive 512 metres high and spans across 9 violent Jinsha River in southern China’s Yunnan Province. Ground 10 (break) last year and the bridge is expected to be completed in 2021.   (十)
  In the winter season, when freezing temperatures and cold winds prevail(盛行) over the land, people like to eat food that instantly warms their bodies and lifts their spirits. For that, the hot pot is a delicious and 1 (delight) choice. Families or groups of friends sit around a table and eat from 2 steaming pot in the middle, cooking and drinking and chatting. 3 (eat) hot pot is not a passive activity: people must select small 4
  (piece) of prepared raw food from plates 5 (spread) around the table, place them in the pot, wait for them to cook, fish them out of the soup, dip them in the preferred sauce, and then eat them hot and fresh. The high temperature in the hot pot stands for the 6 (warm) of feeling that those people sitting around it
  7 (have) for each other. The hot pot is not only a cooking method; it also provides a way of eating. It is not only a dietary custom; 8 a cultural custom. The hot pot can 9 (use) by many people eating together, or by one person eating alone. Yet 10 a hot pot restaurant it’s really hard to meet with a customer eating by himself because it lacks interest and joy.
  (以上�善�原创作者:福建省漳州实验中学 张明辉)
  The amount of eggs that a hen lays in a day can vary depending on a number of factors. While most chickens 1
  (know) to lay five eggs a week or one every 2 (two) day, the number of eggs can also depend on breed(种类), age and environment.
  Certain chicken breeds lay 3 (many) eggs than others. You therefore need to do your research before buying chickens so that you get 4 right breed for your intended use. Egg production is also dependent on a 5 (hen) age. The older the hen gets, the fewer eggs she will produce. It is therefore important that you take this into 6 (consider) before buying chickens. The weather can impact egg production as well. This is
  7 hens need vitamin D in order to produce healthy eggs, therefore the more sunlight she gets, the more she’ll produce. This is why many hens produce fewer eggs in winter. So if you live in a colder, darker area your chickens will 8 (probable) produce fewer eggs than those 9 (live) in a warmer area. You can put a UV lamp in the coop(鸡舍). This will trick the hens
  10 believing that it is summer and they will start producing more eggs.
  (河北省邢台市威县第一中学 郭鹏举)
  China’s Alipay and Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank said that they will strengthen their cooperation in 1 (promote) QR code payment in Thailand.   The Thai Bank has already developed a mobile app 2 supports QR code payment for the Thai market.
  Chinese tourists can use Alipay app to scan 3 QR code generated by the Kasikorn app to complete the buying with Thai sellers.
  “Chinese accounts for the majority of my customers and we just began to use the Kasikorn app a few days ago and we hope it
  4 (make) buying more convenient for the Chinese customers,” said Piyanas, a woman selling 5 (cloth) at the Jatujak Market.
  During a conference 6 (hold) inside the market, a Thailand country manager for Ant Financial, told Xinhua that there are some 20,000 Thai businesses using their 7 (serve).
  “I have been to China for many times and we hope Chinese tourists can encourage our society 8 (use) e-payment,” said Patchara Samalapa, senior executive vice president of Kasikorn Bank, adding that Thai customers can also use their app to scan and to pay.
  The bank said their app is the first one that supports QR Code payment in Thailand and 9 aim to cover some 200,000 shops around the kingdom 10 the end of this year.
  (�V东省广州市第九十七中学 廖木兰)
  A clean-up campaign has begun at Mount Everest, 1 (aim)to airlift 100 tonnes(公吨) of rubbish left behind by tourists and climbers of the world’s 2 (high) mountain. On its first day, 1,200kg of waste was flown from Lukla airport to Kathmandu for recycling. Mountaineers(登山者) 3 (require) to bring back whatever waste they leave on their climb. But every year, local guides gather hundreds of kilograms of rubbish. This yeart’s clean-up campaign is focused 4 items that could be recycled in the capital city, with privately-owned Yeti airlines helping to transport. They will continue 5 (send) piles of recyclable rubbish by ship throughout the year. Most of the waste 6 (leave) on the mountain is empty beer bottles and cans, and mountaineering equipment. That can include oxygen bottles, 7 are essential for climbing at the highest altitudes. As well as managing the industrial waste left behind by 8 (visit), local guides have to deal with the biological waste left by so many people. 9 high number of climbers has also increased safety concerns - resulting in new rules late last year which 10 (ban) climbers from going without a guide.
  (广东省清远市第三中学 陈洁莹)
  1 is estimated that just one full service restaurant can create over 2,000 pounds of waste a week. 2 this fact is alarming to you, perhaps it’s time to consider how your restaurant can recycle all that waste. While you may think that the steps to become 3 eco-friendly restaurant are time consuming and costly, you’d be surprised at how 4 (easily) it is and how much money you can save.   Restaurant food waste can 5 (break) down into pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. Pre-consumer food waste includes anything 6 (throw) away before food is served to guests, like rotten food that wasn’t used, byproducts from the prep process, or the packaging your food materials came in. Post-consumer food waste includes the leftovers guests leave behind.
  While food waste may not 7 (immediate) seem harmful to the environment, decaying fruits and vegetables give off methane(甲烷)gas, which is a major greenhouse gas. This is especially alarming, 8 (consider) that 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten. Instead of letting your restaurant’s food pile up in a landfill, the recycling program 9 (idea) are badly needed to get your restaurant headed 10 a greener direction.
  (河北省邢台市威县第一中学 郭鹏举)
  With the rapid development of economy and safety insurance,China is seen 1 one of the safest places in the world for foreign visitors, according to an international security report.
  In the new Travel Risk Map 2018, the country 2 (list)as having a“low”travel risk. The report, now in 3 (it) eighth year, is compiled and released 4 (annual)by International SOS, and global risk and strategic consulting firm Control Risks.China has become 5 fourth most popular destination for tourists worldwide, with more than 60 million trips made by people from other countries last year, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
  Maria Pelayo, 24, of Madrid, said she was impressed by China’s order and safety, 6 has made her feel much 7 (safe)than in the United States 8 Turkey, where she also has visited. She said she didn’t feel like she was in any danger in Beijing, as she saw efforts from professionals, 9 (include)volunteers on streets, police officers on patrol and security staff in the subways, 10 (keep) order.
  (广东省东莞市第八高级中学 杨少芝)
  1. Combining 由combine A and B可知,combine与其逻辑主语it为主动关系,用combine的-ing形式作状语。
  2. areas 由句意可知,指的是讲粤语的广东和广西地区,故用复数形式areas。
  3. popularity 由句中的及物动词enjoyed可知,后面应该接宾语,故用popular的名词形式popularity。
  4. a 因bond(纽带)是可数名词,表示“一条”文化纽带,故填a。
  5. shares 因主语Cantonese opera为专有名词,谓语动词用单数形式;客观介绍粤剧,用一般现在时,故填shares。
  6. While由句意“��演员们在台上表演时……”可知填While(在……期间)。
  7. to act 由句意“他们也要表演”,即have to do sth,故填to act。
  8. or 在否定句中表示并列,用or。
  9. which/that 引导定语从句并在从句中做主语,先行词是facial expressions and body gestures,故填which/that。   10. are reflected 因主语culture和动词reflect是被动关系,故填are reflected。
  1. was reflected意思是“弓被投影到杯中”,填was reflected。
  2. because 句意“Du Xuan不敢拒绝Ying Bin,因为Ying是Du的上司。”故填because。
  3. closed 在“with + 宾语 + 过去分词”结构中,宾语his eyes与过去分词closed为被动关系,故填closed。
  4. painful 在系动词felt后做表语,应用形容词,故填painful。
  5. his 因catch one’s eye(看见)是固定短语,故填his。
  6. where 引导地点状语从句,意为“Ying让Du坐在他先前坐过的地方”,故填where。
  7. pointing 因Ying Bin与point是主动关系,故用动词-ing形式做伴随状语,填pointing。
  8. a 意思是墙上的弓投影到杯中的一个影子,故填a。
  9. words因At the words表示“听到对方的说话”,用复数。
  10. for因mistake ... for ...是固定搭配,故填for。
  1. a 表示“一处瀑布”,故a。
  2. into因transform into=change into, 意为“变成”。
  3. would begin 由从句谓语succeeded可知,主句谓语应该为would begin。
  4. blocking因mountain与block是主动关系,故用现在分词blocking作定语。
  5. that 因so...that...是固定句式,填that。
  6. to achieve 因encourage sb to do sth是固定用法。
  7. is colored 客观情况,用一般现在时;因the fish与color之间是被动关系,故用被动语态。
  8. spots 在one of后用名词复数。scenic spots意为“景点”。
  9. which /that引导定语从句并在从句中做主语,先行词是pond,故填which /that。
  10. various 在名词colors前做定语用形容词。
  1. which /that引导定语从句并在从句中做主语,先行词是age,故填which或that。
  2. an 表示“一位”英国数学家,填an。
  3. is considered 由considere sb /sth to be 可知,填is considered。
  4. calculating 动名词做定语,表示用途,又如:a sleeping bag睡袋。
  5. they在句中做主语用代词,指代上文的the first computers用they。
  6. factories 从上下文的kitchens, planes, toys可知,用复数形式。
  7. on 因have(an)influence on sb/sth是固定搭配。
  8. has created 现在完成时表示对现在造成的影响。
  9. universal 三个形容词free, rapid和universal并列。
  10. information 与knowledge并列,在their后都用名词。
  1. to introduce 定语从句中已有谓语aims,故introduce应为非谓语动词;表示目的,用不定式形式,aim to do sth意为“旨在”。
  2. was 由in 2014可知用一般过去时,故填was。
  3. instruments 由like the piano and violin可知用复数。
  4. which与all of 一起引导非限制性定语从句,先行词是act, paint, read and write poetry这些学习活动,指事,又在介词of后面,不能用that,故填which。
  5. an 表示“一个”11岁的男孩,元音开头,故填an。
  6. offered句中已有谓语has been coming,故offer为非谓语动词;又因the art classes与offer在逻辑上是被动关系,故用V-ed形式做定语。
  7. has become 由since he was 7 years old可知用现在完成时,故填has become。
  8. because因I asked my best friend...与I wasn’t brave enough...都是句子,两句之间没有连词,必定填连词;再根据句意和两句子间的逻辑关系,应填表示“因为”的because才通顺。
  9. between 名词links的常见搭配是“between ... and ...”。
  10. traditional 修饰名词Chinese arts,应用形容词。   (六)本文主要介绍了澳大利亚户外烧烤受欢迎的原因。
  1. but因Most barbeques use gas 和后文的some use coal是转折关系。
  2. be bought 因The coals被人们从当地市场买来。
  3. usually 修饰动词have用副词。
  4. an 即多数家庭有“一个”户外地块,而outdoor以元音开头,故用an。
  5. eating 作介词for的宾语用动名词。
  6. cooler 在夏天,户外烧烤更凉爽。
  7. It做形式主语,用it, 注意I大写。
  8. by 被动语态中引导动作的执行者用by sb。
  9. to entertain 因a way to do sth.(做某事的方法)是固定搭配。
  10. parents 指他们的父母,用复数形式。
  1. where先行词beach指地点,在从句中做状语,用where。
  2. appeared根据上下文可知用一般过去式。
  3. the在序数词前要加定冠词the。
  4. and上下文是并列关系。
  5. to keep不定式做目的状语,
  6. cities由most 可知用复数cities。
  7. in在市中心,用in city centres。
  8. Compared因compared to /with(与……比起来)是固定搭配。
  9. expensive做表语用形容词。
  10. they在从句中做主语用代词,指代上文的many people用they。
  (八)本文主要介绍了对House sitters 这一职业的要求:他们要照看宠物并且要是诚实可信的人。
  1. If意思为“如果你要远行,你就得要一个人来帮你照看屋子。
  2. your 在名词前做定语用形容词性物主代词,your own home 你自己的家。
  3. for因care for(照顾,看护)是固定搭配。
  4. cleaning或to be cleaned 因need doing=need to be done。
  5. Generally修饰整个句子用副词。
  6. arrangements做动词make的宾语用名词,make arrangements to do sth安排做某事。
  7. trusted 过去分词做定语表示被动含义,a trusted person一个值得信赖的人。
  8. knows在so that 引导的状语从句中做谓语,其主语是owner,故用第三人称单数。
  9. the 特指这个国家,相当于this。
  10. other上文有cats and dogs,属于pets,所以要除开它们,故在pets前加other。
  1. which 引导非限制性定语从句并在从句中做主语,先行词为物,故填which。
  2. Named 因主语the unbelievable structure与name(命名)是被动关系,故填过去分词Named。
  3. linking 因motorway 与link是主动关系,故填linking。
  4. newly 修饰分词形容词finished用副词,故填newly。
  5. ambitious冠词后,名词前,应用形容词,故填ambitious。
  6. bridges 十座桥梁,bridge应用复数。故填bridges。
  7. Besides由后文的also可知,需填表示“除……外,还”的介词Besides。
  8. highest 表示“第二高”用the second highest。
  9. the 由普通名词构成的专有名词前用the,又如the Hangrui Highway。
  10. was broken 根据last year可知用一般过去式;又由“破土”可知,土被破,故用一般过去时的被动语态。
  1. delightful 在名�~前做定语,用形容词。
  2. a 泛指“一个”火锅。
  3. Eating 做主语用动名词短语。
  4. pieces 大家一起吃火锅,当然不会只有一片食物,故用复数形式。
  5. spread 因盘子是被分布,故用过去分词作后置定语。注意其过去分词的拼写与原形相同。
  6. warmth 冠词后of前应是名词,故填warmth。
  7. have 定语从句中those people是主语,sitting around it是其定语,一般现在时,填have。
  8. but 因not only...but (also)是固定搭配。
  9. be used 因火锅被用,应用被动语态,情态动词后接动词原形,故填be used。
  10. in 表示在火锅店里,用介词in。
  (十一)母鸡产蛋数量与品种、年龄以及环境等相关。   1. are known 从句主语chickens与谓语动词know是被动关系,又是一般现在时。
  2. second因every second day=every two days= every other day。
  3. more 由than可知用比较级。
  4. the 特指符合你目的的鸡种。
  5. hen’s 指“母鸡的”年龄,用名词所有格。
  6. consideration 在介词into后做宾语,用名词。take sth into consideration是固定短语,意为“把……考虑在内”。
  7. because 表语从句表示原因,用because。
  8. probably 修饰动词produce 做状语,用副词形式。
  9. living 因those与live是主动关系,用现在分词做定语。
  10. into 因trick sb into doing sth(诱骗某人做某事)是固定搭配。
  1. promoting 介词后面用doing。
  2. which/ that 引导定语从句并在从句中做主语,先行词是a mobile app,故填which或that。
  3. the 特指前文已经提到过的QR code。
  4. will make 希望将来更方便,故用一般将来时。
  5. clothes 因表示“衣服”是clothes。
  6. held 因conference 与hold是被动关系,故用过去分词做定语。
  7. service 在形容词性物主代词their后,接名词。
  8. to use 由encourage sb to do sth可知。
  9. they由their app可知填they做主语。
  10. by 因by the end of是固定词组。
  1. aiming 因主语A clean-up campaign�caim to do之间是主动关系,故填-ing形式。
  2. highest 空格前有表示范围的the world’s,再结合“珠穆朗玛峰为世界最高峰”这一常识可知此处用形容词的最高级。
  3. are required 由require sb to do sth可知用被动语态。
  4. on 因be focused on(重点关注)是固定短语。
  5. sending/to send 由continue doing/to do sth(继续做某事)可知。
  6. left 因waste和leave之间为被动关系,故填过去分词做定语。
  7. which 引导非限制性定语从句,空格指代前面的oxygen bottles。
  8. visitors 遗留垃圾的是人,故填visitors, 注意使用复数形式,表泛指。
  9. The 由句意和has可知,主语是the number of climbers(登山者的数量)。
  10. banned 从前面的时间状语last year可知用一般过去式。
  1. It 因it is estimated that ... (据估计)是固定句型,it作形式主语,而真正主语是that从句。
  2. If 两句之间是条件关系,故答案为if。
  3. an泛指“一个”环保餐厅,故用不定冠词。
  4. easy 作表语应该使用形容词形式。
  5. be broken 主语Restaurant food waste与谓语break down (分解)是被动关系,故应使用被动语态。
  6. thrown 因anything 与thrown away是被动关系,故应使用过去分词作定语。
  7. immediately 修饰动词seem做状语,故用副词形式。
  8. considering 因considering是介词或连词,后接名词或从句,意为“考虑到;就……而言”。
  9. ideas 根据谓语are badly needed可知,主语是复数形式。
  10. in 根据下文名词direction可知,与之构成搭配的介词是in。
  1. as由be seen as(被看作)可知。
  2. is listed 句子主语the country与list是被动关系,所以用被动语态,根据上下文,可知用一般现在时,故填is listed。
  3. its 在名词前做定语,用its。
  4. annually 修饰动词用副词。
  5. the 序数词前用the。
  6. which 考查非限制性定语从句。
  7. safer 由下文than可知用比较级。
  8. or 表示在美国或土耳其。
  9. including 介词,意为“包括”。
  10. to keep 不定式做目的状语。
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